Whether you want to install a new outlet, add a ceiling fan in the bedroom or new lighting in the kitchen, JB Zimmerman carries the tools and supplies for all your electrical projects!

Basic Repairs & Parts

Keep your car in tip-top shape with regular maintenance. JB Zimmerman stocks all the basic supplies and parts you need including spark plugs, headlight replacement bulbs, oil and filters, fuel filters, air filters, tire repair supplies, thread repair kits, fan belt dressing, chargers and much more.

Cleaning & Waxing

Keep that showroom shine longer with regular washing and waxing. At JB Zimmerman we have everything you need to clean your car inside and out including quality car wash products, bug and tar removers, cloths and sponges, leather and vinyl cleaner, chrome polish, tire dressing, windshield and glass cleaner, quality car waxes and pastes and much more.

Chemicals & Fluids

Whether you need a quality engine degreaser, brake cleaner, or gas or oil additive, we stock a variety of chemicals and fluids for all your needs. We can also help you clean your carburetor, plug a leak in your cooling system or reattach your rearview mirror with a variety of additives and adhesives.

Tie Downs & Towing

Whether you're moving, pulling or hauling, chances are you need tie downs and towing supplies you can count on. JB Zimmerman stocks a variety of bungee cords, tie downs, tow straps and trailer connectors and hitch balls for all your hauling needs.

Tire & Wheel Accessories

Does your tire have a slow leak, need a new valve or repair? Get all the supplies you need for quality tire repair including tire sealant, air tanks, tire patch kits, lug wrenches and more.

Auto Accessories

Keep your car looking and feeling new with a variety of car gadgets and accessories that inject personality and protect your car's interior. We stock a variety of seat covers, steering wheel covers, sunshades and visor accessories, plug-in accessories, air fresheners and much more.

Gas & Kerosene Cans & Containers

Transport gas or kerosene the safe way, with quality gas and kerosene cans and containers. We offer a variety of sizes perfect for an emergency trip to the gas station or storing gas for all your lawn and garden equipment.

Battery Chargers & Accessories

Keep a battery charger on hand for those cold morning start ups or pick up a pair of jumper cables for emergency starting just about anywhere. We also stock battery terminals and power inverters.

Shop JB Zimmerman for all your automotive needs! Visit our New Holland location and talk with our experts who can help you find just what you need, quickly and easily.