Wild Bird Food & Feeders

Love bird watching? We have everything you need to attract a variety of bird species to your home or garden from decorative feeders and hanging hooks to quality bird seed and convenient bird houses.

Bird Feeders

Entice feathered friends to visit your backyard all year round with quality bird feeders from JB Zimmerman. Whether you're looking for hummingbird feeders, decorative hanging feeders suitable for a variety of bird species you’re sure to find just what you need.

Bird Seed & Food

Fill up your feeders with quality seed, suet cakes and more. We carry the best brands of black sunflower seed, black oil sunflower seed, cold weather suet cakes and much more. Need to know which seed to buy to attract the birds you want? Talk with our experts in the wild bird department for more information.

Bird Houses

Give birds a place to rest or nest with quality bird bird houses from JB Zimmerman. We stock a variety of bird house models suitable for a variety of bird species. From decorative gazebo feeders to rustic flat roof designs, you’re sure to find the right bird house for visiting birds.

Bird Baths

Looking for attractive bird baths to enhance your backyard and attract a variety of bird species? Check our selection of garden bird baths, available in metal, ceramic and poly resin materials.

Bird Feeder Accessories

Hang your bird feeders in style with a variety of shepherd’s hooks, yard hangers, poles and much more. We have all the hardware you need to hang just about any bird feeder anywhere in your yard or garden.

Not sure what you need?
The helpful staff at JB Zimmerman is always available to lend a hand. Visit our store, check out our selection and get answers to all your questions.